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MontblancEast Meets West Meets Walls (Photo by Lucy Hogg)At Francois Pinault's Palazzo Grassi museum,Rudolf Stingel has covered every inch of every floor and wall of its palatial spaces with industrial wall-to-wall printed with blow-ups of classic Eastern carpets. Yes,it's a one liner,but it's loud enough to be impressive,and its Islamic accent gives it special leverage,in Europe and the world now,as well as in a city that once made its money (and culture) from ties to the East. Once upon a time,no self-respecting Venetian altar went without a carpet like these ones. For a full visual survey of past Daily Pics visit the ATF From the Gun Lobby Today the Senate Judiciary Committee is considering the nomination of B.Louboutins
Cotton's political promise has folks like Kristol dreaming big for the future. In a recent Fox News appearance,Kristol quipped that Cotton should be the VP nominee in 2016. And,in his October profile,Barnes touted Cotton's "bright prospects for gaining still higher office," quoting a Democratic player in Texarkana who declared that Cotton was "going to be our congressman,then our senator,then our president." (Two down ...)Maybe. Cotton has,after all,already shown an ability to appeal to a broad cross-section of his fractured party. And Mark Pryor will need to pull some big-ass rabbits out of his hat if he wants to hold on to his seat. That said,taking the long view,Cotton does nothing to move the GOP away from its problematic image as the last bastion of traditional,white,disproportionately Southern men.Outlet Hogan MilanoBut if the heavy users who dominate the market in terms of volume have a prejudice in favor of maximum THC content,the practical outcome could fall well short of the promise.It would be useful if regulators had a solid scientific basis on which they could tell consumers about the likely impacts on them of using various quantities of various products through various routes of administration. But that scientific basis does not now exist,and it's not especially "interesting" science in terms of fundability or publication prospects; it's more like the work that gets done at Pillsbury than it is like the work that gets done at NIH. And of course you couldn't even think about doing it in this country; even if some IRB would approve it,the monopoly producer of research cannabis at the University of Mississippi couldn't deliver nearly the quality or variety of material available in any California or Washington State dispensary.
Hogan Online(John Bazemore/AP)The newspaper reports set off one of the longest and most intensive cheating investigations in the history of American education. The probe concluded last Friday with the announcement by Fulton County prosecutor Paul Howard that 35 Atlanta public-school teachers and administrators—among them former superintendent Beverly Hall—had been indicted by a grand jury for tampering with student test papers,along with other charges such as "racketeering,theft,making false statements and false swearing." The indictment graphically describes how Hall put unrelenting pressure on school principals,who in turn pressured teachers,to produce higher student test scores,which "created an environment where achieving the desired end result was more important than the students’ education.Doudoune Moncler SoldesMitt Romney (right) and Paul Ryan shake hands with supporters at a campaign event Sunday in Celina,Ohio. (David Kohl / AP Photo) Religious conservatives have mobilized to resist changes to the status quo rather than to impose their own extremist vision of a theocratic state. Far more significantly,the nation’s most revered and influential evangelical icon also has taken a dramatic,unprecedented role in the campaign. After meeting with Romney,93-year-old Billy Graham told the press he would be "praying for him" and went on to place striking full-page ads in more than a dozen newspapers across the country. "As I approach my 94th birthday,I realize this election could be my last," the text proclaimed beside the heroic image of Dr.
"I don’t know if Zimmerman was a good guy or a bad guy," Goetz says of the Florida man acquitted of second-degree murder and manslaughter charges for fatally shooting 17-year-old Trayvon Martin. On the other hand,he says in a phone interview with The Daily Beast,"I’m convinced Trayvon was a bad guy." He does not elaborate. Stan Honda/AFP/Getty,Handout,Martin Family Photos/AP PhotoGoetz,approached outside his apartment before the verdict,had told the Beast he was "surprised the same thing is happening 30 years later" to Zimmerman—Goetz stood trial in 1985 for shooting four young black men on a New York City subway train. Goetz was convicted only of criminal possession of a weapon in the third degree and served just eight months.Woolrich Parka Uomo
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