Author Topic: Jackosprat's Moderator Application  (Read 279 times)


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Jackosprat's Moderator Application
« on: February 17, 2012, 08:49:32 am »
Heyyy, just wanted to try out for moderator. I was a moderator in Simplicity way back when it wasn't the 2nd generation.. I think I would do a good job this time.

Position applying for?
- Forum/In-game Moderator
Do you have multiple Forum accounts? (Lying = denied, we check IPs!)
- No, this is my only account.
Why do you want to become a moderator?
- I want to be come a moderator to help people, I think it is needed in a private server.
Are you qualified to become a moderator/Administrator; if so, how?
- Yes I am, I've been a moderator in Simplicity.
Do you have previous experience at any other games/forums as a moderator? If so do you have proof?
- Simplicity.. :)
What do you have to offer to LunarScape? Simplicity 2nd Gen (Please don't say anything you've already said...)
- Lunarscape....? I have to offer kindness, generosity and happiness to Simplicity 2nd gen
Can you follow very specific directions and take criticism in an appropriate manner?
- Yessir, I can...
How long have you been playing LunarScape Simplicity 2nd gen, and at an average of how many hours per day?
- At the moment, I haven't even made an account, but it is new and I can not get on, but when I do, possibly around 5 - 10 hours a day.
What is your in-game username? (NOTE:  We will have to change your forum username to match if it does not!)
- I will make an account called: Jackosprat
Player A is spamming on yell, what do you do?
- Give them a first warning, if they continue, temporary mute. If they continue after the temporary mute, permenant mute.
Player B is advertising, what do you do?
- Instantly ban. No exceptions.
Player C is being a jerk to new players, what do you do?
- Give him/her a warning, if they continue, jail.
You found out (beyond a reasonable suspicion) that player D is using a form of hack or cheat (including autoclickers, bugs, etc.), what do you do?
- Give them a warning, if they continue, jail.

Hope you accept me! :), or atleast put me into consideration.. And just if you're wondering my timezone is : GMT + 8.

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